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Accu-1 Accu-Vac - 14 Insulation Removal Vacuum Package


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The Accu-1 Accu-Vac-14 Package Includes:

Accu-1 Accu-Vac - 14 Insulation Removal Vacuum.


5 - Disposable Collection Bags.

125' x 6" Vacuum Hose.

50' x 4" Vacuum Hose.

4 - 6" Hose Couplers.

6" x 4" Reducer.

Pick-Up Tube.

14 - Hose Clamps.

When you need to remove loose fill insulation from attics, sidewalls or crawlspaces, the Accu-Vac-14 is your best choice. Heavy-gauge welded steel construction and a proven Kohler OHV Engine means years of reliable operation. The Accu-Vac-14 has the power to make short work of all of your removal needs.

Production Rates:

  • Cellulose: 6,042 lbs./hr.
  • Fiberglass: 4,199 lbs./hr.


  • Powder coated heavy-gauge welded steel construction that has been dynamically balanced for easy maneuverability.
  • Quad-Clean technology with 4-Stage All Season cyclonic filtration system.
  • Adjustable and removable handle.
  • 3-Year power-train warranty.
  • 6" inlet and outlet ports for greater productivity.

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