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Bacillus Subtilis Bacteria


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Bulk Bacillus subtilis bacteria: made for each order from non-GMO bacteria.

Packaging: 50 lb. barrels (minimum order 250 lbs.) 

Non genetically modified strains

Understanding the strengths, requirements, limitations and general biology of a beneficial microorganism is crucial for obtaining the best results.

The introduction of pure strains of Bacillus subtilis act as an inoculant; elevating bio diversity in soil by introducing large numbers of probiotic Bacillus bacteria which promote the growth of a variety of beneficial microorganisms.

Enhanced biodiversity results in improved crop yields, greater nitrogen utilization, and lower incidence of disease.

All strains of our bacillus are naturally occurring and have been selected for their ability to grow in the root zone of food and ornamental crops; they interact symbiotically on, or close to, the root surface where they produce beneficial enzymes and growth promoting substances while competitively excluding pathogenic microorganisms.

The Bacillus strains are produced in stainless steel bioreactors under precisely controlled conditions that assure potency, stability and batch-to-batch uniformity.

Once applied bacteria are able to detect the plant host and start their colonization strategies in the root zone by producing plant growth-regulating substances such as auxins or cytokinins. Bacillus subtilis bacteria can induce immunity against foliar diseases by activating a plants’ defense system, and respond to signaling molecules in the roots when malic acid is secreted to provide plant protection against a root pathogen.


Each gram of the Bacillus blend contains 4 billion CFU’s at 109.

May be foliar applied with or without fertilizer, added to soil for inoculation, or blended with the soluble powders providing an additional food source to microbes. .

Application: mix one (1) gram in 25 gallons of water; for a 104 solution.

For a solution at 105 mix 1 gram into 2.6 gallons of water.