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Bucket Standard


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Bucket Attachment Fits DXR 270/300/310 Demolition Robot models.
$2,400 587310801 - Bucket Volume: 10 Gallon Narrow, Weight: 110 lb.Width 11.8 inch Height 18.2 inch.
$2,800 587310701-  Bucket Volume: 22 Gallon Standard, Weight: 154 lb. Width 20.5 inch Height 18.9 inch
$3,999 587975701 - Bucket Volume: 30 Gallon Wide, Weight: 198 lb. Width 30.3 inch. Height 18 inch.

Ideal for excavation and debris removal.


Attaches easily to DXR in either a standard or reverse setup.

Mounting bucket in the reverse setup enables DXR to be used as a loader, great for tight areas and clean up.

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