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Humic Acid Powder Organic 100% Soluble OMRI 50 lb


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OMRI Listed Organic 100% Soluble Humic Acid (Fertilizer Grade).
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Our OMRI Listed organic Soluble Humic Acid is a dark black humate derived from leonardite with a 75% minimum of humate content. When applied to soils it helps break compacted soils allowing for improved water penetration. For sandy soils, our humic acid adds essential organic material necessary for water retention and enhancing the sandy soil’s ability to retain and not leach out vital plant nutrients. Technically humic acid is not a fertilizer, however, it is referred to as an organic fertilizer because of its fertilizing effects.
Benefits Include:
Improved nutrient uptake.
Increased chlorophyll synthesis.
Stimulates beneficial microbial activity.
Healthier plants and improved yields.
Increases root vitality.
Frees up nutrients in soil to make them more readily available to the plant.
and much more…
Soluble Humic Acid is a dark black humate derived from leonardite with at least 75%
humate content. It is a highly soluble product and a great natural trace nutrient chelater.
Its anti-compaction agents make it ideal for use in soils with very high calcium and in
breaking up clay soils. By nature it bonds with calcium instantly and releases other
nutrients to the plant.
BENEFITS: Penetrates the cell membrane and walls of plants.
Ability to resist high-ion water.
Dissolves quickly with its insoluble matter being less than 1 %
High biological activity increases vitamin and sugar.

Humic Content: > 60%
Fulvic Content: > 15%
Nitrogen (N): 0.81%
Phosphorous (P): 0.01%
Potassium (K): 6%
Potash (K2O): 7 %
pH: 8-10
Derived from leonardite mineraloide.
Soluble Humic Acid is potassium salt of the humic acid and also known as potassium humate. It has all the characteristics of humic acid and very similar to fulvic acid. However, it has not the disadvantages of traditional humic acid like insolubility, precipitation and/or solid separation after dilution is made. It has a minimum of 70% humate matter including fulvic acids which remain in the solution as long as necessary. The shelf life is indefinite with no fermentation or occurrence of precipitation.
 1-7 lbs. per acre.
Drip irrigation: 4-9 lbs. per acre.
Seed soaking: Dilute in 0.01-0.03 % with water. Adjust pH to 7.2-7.5. Apply only once before seeding.
Irrigating: Make product to dilute in water and then apply to soil with an irrigation system. Concentration should be about 0.01 to 0.05 %. Apply only once after seeding.
Dilution rate: Foliar spray: 1:500-750
General Rate: 1-2lbs. per acre
Drip irrigation: 1-2lbs. per acre
Foliar: 1-2lbs /acre
Recommendation: Mix with nitrogen or Phosphorus (Soluble Seaweed Extract)
Reminder: rates vary depending on soil conditions.
Do not mix this product with acidic fertilizer or pesticide as it is not compatible with them. 


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