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Husqvarna LF 50 L Forward Plate Compactor Soil


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$1,999 Husqvarna LF 50 L Forward Plate Compactor Soil.


$161 Block Paving Kit.

$163 Transport Wheel Kit.

Husqvarna LF 50 L is a lightweight, fast-operating forward plate compactor, ideal for compacting thin to medium layers of granular soils. A unique plate shape and optimized speed enable fast and easy compaction with high production rates. The exclusive, patented low-vibration handle protects you from unhealthy vibration levels and the compact design with fold-able handle make transportation and storage easy.


Protect the paving: The optional, easy-to-attach block paving kit protects paving blocks from scratches and cracking.
Hours of efficient work: The efficient, patented low-vibration handle lowers the vibration levels below 2 m/s², allowing you to work for hours without becoming fatigued or exceeding any regulatory threshold limit values.
Saving storage space: The handle completely folds to save space, making transport and storage easy.
Easy handling: The lifting eye, fold-able handle and optional wheel kit make transporting the compactor easy.


Power output: 2.1 kW.
Motor/engine model: Honda GX100.


Sound and noise:

Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) 100 dB(A).
Sound pressure level at operators ear 89 dB(A).
Application: Soil.
Operating Weight: 116 lb.
Frequency, Hz: 95
Centrifugal Force lbf: 1888
Speed, ft/min (m/min): 79 (24)
H/A Vibration, Low Vibration handle m/s2: 1.8
Plate width: 12.6 inch.
Plate length: 19.9 inch.
L x W x H: 37" x 12.6" x 38"
Rated Power HP: 2.8
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