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Aqua Air SC02GL Commercial Heavy Duty Prespray traffic lane cleaner


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1 Gallon.  Commercial Heavy Duty Prespray - Aqua Air SC02GL

Traffic lane cleaner and preconditioning agent for auto interior, hard surface, and carpet.
Advanced high alkaline traffic lane cleaner/prespray formulated to be effective on heavily soiled
hard surfaces and carpeting.


  • 1. Adjust to inject 3 to 8 ounces of commercial heavy duty prespray per gallon of water.
  • 2. Spray the carpets and fabric then rinse with hot water using the AQUA-AIR hand tool.
  • 3. Vacuum dry with the AQUA-AIR Wet/Dry® system.
  • 1. Dilute 4 ounces heavy duty carpet & auto prespray to 1 gallon hot water (1 to 16). For exceptionally heavy soil, dilute 8 ounces per gallon (1 to 12).
  • 2. Spray soiled and spotted areas until damp.
  • 3. Extract with AQUA-AIR normal process.

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