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Ermator C1300 Pre-Separator - 8.72 Gallons


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Ermator C1300 Pre-Separator - 8.72 Gallons.

Designed for S13 and S26 Single-Phase Dust Extractors.

When your dust collector is prematurely clogging due to large quantities of material, consider the model C1300 pre-separator. It Captures 90% of the material before it reaches the dust collector, keeping your dust collector filter clean and extending your grinding operation longer without interruption.

A 8.72 gal. pre-separator with built in vacuum equalizer for use with a plastic bag.

Includes an 8ft, 2" hose assembly.


  • Model: 200600756A.
  • Weight: 31 lbs.
  • Volume: 8.72 gal.
  • Collection: 11 gallon plastic bag.
  • Size: 16" x 19" x 33"
  • Warranty: 36 month.


In grinding operations producing large amounts of dust, your dust extractor may need to be supplemented with a pre-separator. Pre-separators introduce an additional separation stage to capture as much dust as possible before it can reach the dust extractor. The benefit is increased efficiency in the separation of dust a from the air stream, improved filter performance and significant reduction in the frequency of filter maintenance. A Pre-separator also contributes to higher airflow, faster pick-up and extended motor life. You can have confidence in the level of filtration since our pre-separators are equipped with some of the same primary filters used in our dust extractors. Both models include our popular Longopac for safe containment and disposal of concrete dust and other harmful building materials such as asbestos and lead. 

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