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FS-7000-DL-36"--3 Speed Gearbox


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Husqvarna FS 7000 DL  large, deep-cutting walk-behind flat saw. Dlade Not Included.

Large jobs such as airports, highways, larger service work and other applications where production is a priority. Projects requiring deep sawing and/or large blade applications.

($42,110) FS-7000-DL-36"--3 Speed Gearbox.
($42,260) FS-7000-DL-42"--3 Speed Gearbox.
($46,575) FS-7000-DL-48"--3 Speed Gearbox.

($57,895) FS-7000-DL-60"--3 Speed Gearbox.

($44,576) FS-7000-DL-48"--1 Speed Gearbox.
($55,895) FS-7000-DL-60"--1 Speed Gearbox

FS 7000 DL is a large, deep-cutting walk-behind flat saw with cutting depth up to 625 mm with a Ø1500 mm diamond blade. Perfect for road work, large sawing jobs, deep floor sawing and mid-size jobs that require high production rates. The modern, service-friendly design, ergonomic controls and electronic support systems are highly intuitive, with focus on operator efficiency and convenience. The turbo diesel engine from Deutz delivers an impressive level of sustainable torque maximizing production rates in the toughest conditions. Compliant with Stage IIIB / Tier 4 emission regulations the floor saw contributes to a healthier working environment. Available as single speed or with a 3-speed gearbox. Both models can include blade clutch, electronic tracking system on the rear axle, 5th wheel, light kit, water pump kit and weight kits.



Intuitive and ergonomic control panel: All important functions are easy to reach and monitor, such as blade rpm, forward speed, electronic tracking, depth gauge, belt and pulley ratios, runtime and service minder.

Deep cutting: Possible cutting depth of 625 mm with an extension kit to run a Ø1500 mm diamond blade.

Optional 5th wheel to ease maneuverability: 5th wheel option that helps raise and lower the rear of the saw, making it easier for the operator to pivot right or left. Particularly helpful when lining up a cut.

Easy adjustment of tracking for straight cuts: Electric tracking system includes position indicator on the display, it can automatically return to neutral position and has the ability to memorise last used setting.


Large jobs such as airports, highways, larger service work and other applications where production is a priority. Projects requiring deep sawing and/or large blade applications.


Tier 4 compliant engine meets current EPA regulations.

3-speed, right-angle gearbox models enable different blade sizes to run at their optimal performance level without changing pulleys or belts.

Digital display dashboard features all important functions and is easy to monitor. Maintenance intervals can be set for service reminders.

E-track system with an integrated reset function in the display makes it easier to produce a straight cut.

Heavy-duty blade shaft to handle large blades.

5-pin blade flanges with standard single pin featuring LOU pin pattern.

Engine Specifications:
Deutz C4D155.4
Maximum Power, hp (kW):
74 (55)
Power at bladeshaft, hp (kW):
66 (48)
Arbor Size, in (mm):
1 (25)
Bladeshaft Diameter, in (mm):
2 (51)
Fuel Capacity, gal (l):
10.6 (40)
Air Filter:
Dual element radial seal with rain hood.
Engine Cooling:
Axle Front/Rear, in (mm):
1 (25)
Wheels Front, in (mm):
8 x 3 (203 x 76)
Wheels Rear, in (mm):
10 x 3 (254 x 76)
Blade Guard Type:
Number of Belts:
16 (set of 4, banded belts)
Blade Depth Control:
Electrohydraulic pump.
Dimensions Uncrated, Pointer and Blade Guard Up, Handles In, in (mm) L x W x H:
67 x 38 x 57 (1,701 x 965 x 1,448)
Displacement, cu in (l):
178 (2.92)
Bore/Stroke, in (mm):
3.6/4.3 (91/109)
Oil Capacity, qt (l):
9 (8.5)
Handlebar Adjustment:
Variable position.
Transmission Type:
Balanced dual motor hydrostatic drive.
Transmission Speeds, fpm:
Electric Tracking (optional):
Electric switch operated.

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